Brain Training For Dogs Review: Is it worth buying it? |Latest Review 2019

I really deeply love pets (especially dogs). I love when they show (hand/arm movements)/actions of Love towards you when they come and Jump on you after we return back to our House from Work or Trip.

Everyone loves these acts of love.. right? 

Dogs are the most famous kind of pets that humans like to keep and adopt and do you know why?

That’s Because They are Super Smart and 

Understand Human Feelings 

The Best. 

They come to know that their Master is in trouble or whether or not he is in good mood right now. And they’re 100% loyal, too.

All this aside, dogs also have some problems..

..They can be behavioral or related to food , sleep , body or anything else.

No dog is perfect and every dog has any problem in any field or anything he or she is struggling with .

Most of the Time its their Owner that struggles the Most. 

So, in this article, I will write a described/explained and Latest Review of Brain Training For Dogs…

…and i will share my story that can make your life simpler and I hope you can learn from it!

This story will shock you and you will learn a lot from It.

Who am I?

Hi, My name is Katherine Williams and I Work for an IT Company in Texas. I have Two Dogs named Max and Heidi. I am Obsessed with Dogs, to be Honest. I am Married and Have a Baby Boy as well. I usually Tell People that I Have Three Kids 😛 ( Haha).

I Just Love Dogs and Playing With Them. I also Love Talking to and Meeting New Dogs and Their Owners. It is Kinda Difficult to Manage Both Work and Home ( Kids , Max , Heidi, and my Hubby ) but I have Learned to do it With Experience.

The one in Left is Heidi and Right one is Max. He seems Shy though ( Kidding) .


So Heidi has Caused Problems for me and I and my Husband had to struggle due to her. She is Hyperactive. Many Dogs are Hyperactive and sometimes they really piss their owners.

She Always Wanted My or Ricky’s ( My Husband) Attention. She can win an Oscar when it Comes to Seeking your Attention. She used to Bark Continuously, Not only on People but also when at Home ( Not Always).

Whenever I used to take her for a Walk, She used to get Hyperactive and Start Barking on People for No Reason. Apart from This, Heidi used to Bite us when we used to Play with her. At First, I Thought that she did it Mistakenly or Unintentionally, but with Time I Felt that she was Doing it Deliberately.

We were Pissed off as My Hands had got Teeth Marks on it and Doctor Prescribed me a Cream that was Quite Expensive. I used to give her other soft Toys to Chew as well but it didn’t work.

I was Struggling to Control my Heidi but I Loved her. Slowly I was Getting Pissed due to her Barking and Aggressive Behaviour as well. I remember the Night when Ricky Invited her Office Friend and their Family for Dinner and Heidi got so Much Aggressive on them and especially their Little Children that she scared me as well.

Thank God she didn’t Bite them that Night. Ricky and I got very Embarrassed and Apologised for Heidi’s Behaviour as well.

After that Day, i Made a List of Behavioral and other Problems that Heidi had and i came up with the Following:-

  • Aggressive Behavior Towards Strangers and People ( Often Not Strangers to Me, They were an acquaintance )
  • Barking on People or Sometimes for No reason even in Relaxed Environment at Home.
  • Demanding Attention all the Time (It’s not possible for me as I have other things to do as well)
  • Looking at Me all the Time to Seek Attention
  • Running around the house here and There for no Reason ( Hyper-activeness)
  • Biting while Playing

We Researched on the Internet and Found that if We Don’t Pay Attention to her or have an Eye Contact with her, she would stop Seeking Attention. We Tried but it didn’t work out. For the Biting Problem, we used some chew toys and soft toys but it was temporary as well.

I also Read on the Internet that For Aggressiveness and Hyper-activeness i had to Train Her. Really?? 

At First, I Thought Training her would be a Hard Task and it may cost me Thousands of Dollars as well. Also , I didn’t had any Time to Train her in My Daily Routine.

What to Do?? I was Really Confused and Wanted an Escape Plan. Biting Problem is still only upto me but aggressive behavior was too Serious to Ignore ( Especially after that Dinner Incident ) .

How Did I Find Adrienne Farricelli’s Brain Training for Dogs?

So I was just Searching and Researching a lot on Dogs Forums and Internet and Social Media Websites Day in and Day out. I Swear i didn’t research so much about pregnancy or anything else in my life as I did for Heidi’s Problems.

I Had to Train my Dog and I had To Learn it. So after Researching and Reading Hundreds of Pages on Internet, I came to Know About  Adrienne Farricelli’s Brain Training for Dogs.

I Learnt that Adrienne Farricelli is a Professional Dog Owner and She has Trained Thousands of Dogs in her 10 Year Old Career and she has Developed this Training Course to Help Dog Owners Overcome the Behavioral and Other Problems that they face from their Dog.

I had to Give it a Try as it was Cheap and Regarding The Reviews that i had read about this Course From The Dog Forums and Social Media Websites. Just Look at Adrienne Farricelli Training a Dog Below :

What is “Brain Training For Dogs” Training?

The Most Important Thing about Brain Training 4 Dogs and the thing that I Liked the Most is that it is a Force Free Training. You don’t need to force your Dog in any way or hurt him in any way. Just as the Name Suggests ” Brain Training”.

Before Buying this Course I used to feel that Dogs must be Trained by Showing Dominance or some kind where they are forced to do something in order to avoid any certain Punishment. That’s why I didn’t wanted to Train my Dog, Lol Foolish Me.

Due To Force Free Training and Positive reinforcement, Dogs Feel Increased Thinking Capacity and Their Intelligence gets Increased as well.