How To Train A Dog To Stop Pulling On A Leash

Pulling on a leash can be an unwanted habit acquired by many dogs. However, often well-meaning owners encourage this particular behaviour.

Unknowingly, owners prompt this unwanted behavior by playing games such as leash war tug, or even just using a rope (a rope can resemble a puppy’s leash).

Pulling on a leash can be an unwanted habit acquired by many dogs!.

How To Train A Dog To Stop Pulling On A Leash

  • When teaching a puppy not to pull, or perhaps retraining a dog that has developed the bad habit of pulling the leash, the use of a quality harness could be a huge help. Try to train a dog to accept the dog harness the same way your dog accepts the regular dog collar clasp.
  • Try using a lure or toy to keep your dog at your side whenever you walk the dog. A properly applied dog training collar can be an effective way to train a problem dog. Make sure you choose a properly fitting training collar or choke chain.
  • You must always make sure the leash is loose while taking your dog for a walk. In case the dog begins to pull in front, the dog owner should change directions instantly so that the puppy quickly finds himself falling behind. Changing directions is important before the puppy reaches the end of its leash. Apart from the split second it takes the handler to change course, the leash should remain loose. A short tug, accompanied by a quick slackening of the lead, should be used.
  • You should never let the puppy drag you around whenever you train a puppy. It is absolutely essential to teach a dog to walk properly while they are still small enough to manage, especially when handling a massive breed of dogs. If your Great Dane of 150 pounds hasn’t learned how to walk properly while he or she is a puppy of 20 lbs, it’s probably never going to.
  • Never yank or tug the puppy’s neck when it comes to correcting it is crucial. A light, continuous pressure works much better than a hard yank. The ideal strategy is to use minimal pressure to achieve the desired result.

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