German Shepherd Protection Dog Training

If you want to train your German Shepherd you are in the right place!

With this article i’ll explain the German Shepherd protection dog training. These are just the “basics”…

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When it comes to German Shepherd training for defense, you need a pro to help you. The fundamentals must be mastered by the dog first. The dog must be able to mechanically follow basic instructions like sit. Protection orders are more advanced. When seeking a defense dog, remember that there are certain liabilities that will go with the training.

Protection from a German Shepherd is special. They are inherently protective. The trainability of the German Shepherd for defense is above question. But loyalty is needed. Be wary of some things. You should hold enough leadership over him to give commands from a distance. Distance from the owner should not interfere with the understanding of the dog.

Padded suit training

The padded suit training phase is one of the most difficult. When you are dressed in a padded suit, your dog might not see you as his owner. A professional will coach you on how you must act. Your tone and speech alone should be able to order the dog. Without aggravation, your dog may attack the wearer of the padded suit. The professional will teach you the exact words to use with your shepherd to initiate the defense mode of the dog. These words should not be used during normal training. You will be mentored how to “send” the dog and how to stop a “send” in midstream. Your dog must be able to stop the alert or attack at the order of the owner.

Again you must comprehend that your dog needs to be rewarded for accomplishing the desired conduct. Never be without treats as the goodies reinforce what you are trying to accomplish with the shepherd. A German Shepherd with security training will be great as a ranch hand. He will still be an excellent pet. You will see varying sides of the German Shepherd’s disposition. When there’s no danger around, he will be timid as a mouse and loving to your family.

Select your trainer with great care.

Get a trainer who can really teach you how to give protection training. This step is very important and worth researching to find someone who can do the job properly. Request their certification and ask for proof that the trainer can handle training your dog. It can be a pain to unlearn all the bad training given by an amateur. A German Shepherd with security skills is usually a well-rounded dog.

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